A modern day Romeo and Julliet,
the moral dilemmas they face and resolve while experiencing the joy and pain of love -- in any age.

Destined to become a great concert pianist, Sheila knew since her earliest recollection of herself that music was the sun of her universe, around which other interests and people revolve as mere moons.

Jim is also a gifted pianist whom Sheila has known depthfully for years. A bona fide genius who calls himself, “a student of music, abstract mathematics, history and languages,” he loves Sheila, who loves him.

The critical summer that Jim discovers he may suffer a severe physical handicap and they plan to marry under unusual conditions that Jim specifies, Sheila meets Claude, a handsome, suave and talented composer-conductor, who befriends Jim, and pursues Sheila romantically.

Sheila’s life is traumatized as she faces the irony of loving both Jim and Claude, and she unwittingly becomes engaged to marry both of them.

Full Length Novel in Paper Back, eBook, and also available on CD
  Then Sheila did run away emotionally. She intoned theatrically in an airy voice, “I love thee. ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…’”
Angered by it, Jim abruptly stood up to tower over her, silencing her. He closed the distance to grab her arms and lean down to find her mouth, which he laced with a long, rapturous kiss, to which she was lukewarm in her response.
That hurt him. Jim put his arms around Sheila to hold her tightly, and he lashed her mouth with a passionate, bruising kiss while he held her against his swollen body.
He meant it to burn her, and it did. Her knees weakened and she began to sag in his arms.
When she hammered on his chest, he released her abruptly. Sheila stumbled back, her eyes glazed over with desire and amazement.
Amazement, because she did not know that what she felt was desire. Jim flung at her in anger, taunting her, “I just wanted to add to the ways, Miss Kelly.”
   Sheila was unaware that Claude had left the water until she opened her eyes to see him standing near, the look in his eyes one of stark, naked desire.
  Two gaint steps brought Claude to her. He dropped down on the blanket to gaze into her eyes for a spell before initiating a kiss that sent all of Shelia's senses reeling into outer space.
It was a raw, hungry kiss that drove deeper and deeper while he covered her body with his.
"I want you," Claude panted through his hot breath on her neck near her ear. And before Sheila was aware of what he was doing, he slipped an engagement ring on her finger. "Ransom," he said smiling provocatively, "I'll pay your price."
“Claude, I’m engaged to Jim! We plan to be married during the Christmas holidays and that is what I am going to do!” Claude suddenly grabbed Sheila and pulled her to him roughly to kiss her with a heated passion.
Married at a dinner-wedding at the Kelly home, the living and dining rooms were adorned with garlands of white satin bows, silver bells and clusters of flowers. And from lattices around the walls, white roses, forget-me-nots and vines streamed, as they did from the arch under which Sheila and ____?____
stood to exchange their vows.


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